The e-ink display that just keeps on giving.

In | by Kernel

Maybe my Nook Simple Touch has had a rougher-than-average life, since from day one it had been tossed around in my kitbag, either squeezed in between and/or under about 30 lbs of manuals and charts, or casually (read: carelessly) placed on either too hot or too cold surface in the cockpit — yes, we are allowed to read in cruise flight, like, erm… company manuals and such….

Anyway,it finally pooped out. No easy fix found on the internets — it had already the latest firmware update; with an unresponsive screen, not responding to power cycles, with a full battery, and eventually, without a battery (it’s not designed to be replaceable) the recovery effort was utterly useless. To my surprise though, and due to my lack of technical knowledge of e-ink displays, this screen still stays on. It is nice to put this device to rest, under a waterfall, with note “Press ‘n’ button below to wake up your nook”…