Sun Blade 2500

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Someone had decided that Sun Microsystem’s Sun Blade 2500 was either redundant, incompatible, or just too damn bulky (40lbs+) in this modern Macbook Air/Ultrabook/slim-is-in -era, and left the behemoth lying with a note “take what you want”. I couldn’t resist, so now I have a UNIX workstation at home. Why? Because so far it has been for free. One man’s junk is another’s treasure.

The problem is, I have no monitor cable for it (this SB2500 came with an XVR-600 graphics accelerator) so I haven’t been able to see what works and what doesn’t — I should be able to pick one for ~$35 though, so not a deal-breaker by any means.

The question is, will I be enough of a nerd to bring Solaris 10 / Debian /FreeBSD to life, or will this be another wasted weekend playing with gadgets and tech, while accomplishing nothing?

More to come.


10/15 Update:

Just because I have Windows 7 & 8 running doesn’t mean I’ve given up on *NIX. In fact, as I type this on a Solaris 11 guest on VirtualBox, I’m beginning to kinda like this UNIX thing — yet, considering I’m still lusting after a 27″ iMac, one might say I’m an OS-whore 🙂

Things are a bit different in the Oracle world. Not that I really got any kind of hang of Linux CLI commands to begin with, but it is kinda cool to re-learn some of the basics in UNIX, e.g. instead of ‘sudo dpkg -i ….’ it’s ‘pkgadd -d …’ etc.

Solaris 11 comes with Gnome desktop (version 2.xx, no Unity bullsheet), so DE is easy enough to navigate. Package manager is there, obviously with a twist, as the the number of packages is nowhere near let’s say Debian/Ubuntu levels. Java/Flash plugins are not as simple to install as my previous experiences with Arch/Ubuntu, as Solaris is the “forgotten one”. Took me about an hour to get Firefox 7 running on this — Firefox 3.6 comes as courtesy of Oracle, whoop-di-doo… No sign of Chrome/ium, not even a hint. I guess it has to do with Oracle’s Mozilla ties.

Solaris boots as fast as an ocean liner stops, so I might be leaving this OS running continuously on the “finders-keepers” Sun Blade 2500 I have (see above); though with the multiple fans it has (2 main, 2 for CPU’s, 1 for graphics accelerator), it will be one loud mofo.

I just ordered a monitor cable for it, so once it arrives, it’s damn-the-torpedoes-full-speed-ahead Solaris resurrection. Or maybe I can slap Debian on it; that would make life sooo much easier. What do you guys think?