Replacement for Dreamweaver, say it ain’t so?

In | by Kernel

I admit, there’s probably no substitute for Adobe’s Dreamweaver, and yes yes, we should all be coding web pages with knuckles-raw vi or notepad++, and anything more than those two is just bloated, inefficient, yucky code.

In my world though Dreamweaver has been a really useful tool. I like it’s clean UI, well integrated FTP site loading, as well as the “split view” and “live code” editors. But what to do when you don’t want to pay up, and/or you’d like to be free of expensive software and evil Microsoftesque corporations, like open-source free? Disclaimer: I must admit, my quest to remove the Microsoft shackles is, well, an ongoing quest as I still run Win 8 under VMWare’s Workstation (yes, it *does* perform better than VirtualBox, and yes, it is stable, at least on vanilla Kubuntu 12.10 linux kernel 3.5 I’m on right now).

So far I’ve tried Aptana Studio, Bluefish, Kompozer and most recently Eclipse, along with various souped-up text editors like gvim, cream, kate, gedit etc. Aptana Studio has been sort of my go-to so far, and performed ok on (K)ubuntu, but in the end it hasn’t provided me much more than Bluefish or Eclipse. Enter Bluegriffon, based on Mozilla’s Gecko, built with html5 and css3 in mind, a wysiwyg html editor. As a bare bones editor, it has a nice clean UI, very similar to what you find on Mozilla’s other products. Since I want some bling and pizzazz, I opted to buy, nay, *support*, the open source movement by shelling out ~$20 for “Live view” and “css Pro” add-ons (Mozilla’s FTP add-on is free), which turn out to be useful, but, alas, not transforming Bluegriffon into a Dreamweaver killer.

While I’ll be toying with on Kubuntu, it is also available on Linux’s greatest rivals, Windows & OSX (see what I did there?).

So far so good, I like Bluegriffon. While it will probably never be Dreamweaver, it’s simplicity and bare-bones-but-functional approach (with quite a few, albeit paid add-ons), it just maybe my OSS “equivalent” to the venerable Dreamweaver, a sort of OSS’s “this is all we have, plus the kitchen sink.” I know I’m giving it close hard look.