Raspberry Pi, part deux.

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After yesterday’s minor setback with a power source and/or SD-card problem, all is well in R-Pi land.

I decided to go to a box store for a Samsung SD-card, more specifically an 8GB Class 10 (MB-SP8GA). While I was at the store, I invested in an extra wall charger to satisfy the 5V/1000mA requirement my old mobile chargers apparently weren’t producing. A quick ‘dd’ of Debian Squeeze onto the Sammy SD-card, and I had action on the screen.

Man was I happy to see the Raspberry Pi logo on the boot screen!

A couple of more seconds and I would have a fully functioning, ready-to-go…

… Kernel panic. Are you kidding me.

Not that I haven’t experienced kernel panics before, but at first sight? C’mon man!

A couple of more Debian image rewrite-ons, reboots with and without ethernet, USB-keyboard/mouse, and in the end, it was all worth it.

To complement the raw look of R-Pi, I’ve attached an old Sun Micro keyboard-mouse combo, which seems to work quite well. The Sun Micro hardware is leftover from a raising-the-dead Sun Blade project that resulted me tossing away 40lbs of work station… which was the intent of the original owner of the curbed Blade to begin with. Not the Pi though. The Pi is up and running!

Enough for the night, tomorrow it’s off to the forums to leech off some great Pi ideas.