Project Hackintosh 101.

In | by Kernel

1) Assemble computer with Mac OS X compatible hardware
2) Install OS X and UniBeast
3) Enjoy OS X.

Simple, except:

1) NZXT H2 case’s front USB hub creates a short in one of the ports, resulting in a) 2 busted USB flash drives, b) 1 busted external DVD drive, c) almost burnt fingers after handling the hot, now-busted, USB flash drive.

2) In the process find out OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is indeed not compatible with Intel Ivy Bridge CPU’s, must have Lion. In order to have Lion, you must have Snow Leopard, or shell out $69 for a USB thumb drive. USB thumb drive wouldn’t work due to trippy USB hub.

3) Should’ve bought a Mac.

In other news, I can upgrade to Windows 8 for $40 when it’s released. Oh joy.