Butterfly Labs Little Single, at 30GH/s

In | by Kernel

With the exponentially ever-increasing network difficulty, my Butterfly Labs Little Single bitcoin miner is barely keeping up. When I ordered the miner in early March of 2013, the estimated delivery time had been changed multiple times by Butterfly Labs. I was late in the game, I admit, but I was still shocked how long it actually took BFL to deliver the miner (mid-October). Now, instead of making a profit through mining bitcoin, I’ve had to adjust my expectation to just not taking a loss and trying to convince that even if I never make back the purchase price, I’ll still be supporting the bitcoin network.

The miner is running on Raspberry Pi with “Minepeon”, a modified (ARM-based) Arch Linux setup. Minepeon is a command-line-interface-only distro, purposely configured for bitcoin mining. It has cgminer as well as bfgminer software installed; once the OS is loaded onto Raspberry Pi’s SD-card, all one has to do is plug in the miner via USB, and let the system automagically take care of the rest. The mining software will automatically recognize the miner as a USB device, and once you have finished setting up your mining pool information, the miner will start hacking away — in my case at a steady 30 gigahashes per second, resulting currently at 0.15 BTC’s every few days