Linux System for $35!

So this $35 Raspberry Pi Beta Board is starting to really interest me. I read about it a few months back, without really thinking about its potential (nettop, NAS, server? who knows), and frankly, at $35 ($25 for the original) it sounded gimmicky. Now, just a few hours from the most likely official short sale event, with a “big and positive announcement” by the Ras-Pi foundation scheduled 2/29 at 0600 GMT, this board is all I can really think about. For a weird reason this is the most excited I’ve been about a hardware announcement since the June 2011 launch of Nokia’s N9 — ok, so that might not be such a good comparison…

What’s astonishing about this credit-card-sized board is that it houses a Broadcom BCM2835 (700MHz CPU), 256MB of SDRAM, Ethernet, and HDMI out, USB 2.0, and micro-USB for power. For $35! The OS will be booted off of an SD card, Fedora comes preinstalled but any ARM-capable Linux distro should be game on (Arch Linux, come back to papa!).

The anticipated sale will be for 10,000 units, which, if you believe forum speculations, will last about a couple of hours (2/29 edit: it lasted only a few minutes before the units were sold out and servers had crashed…), and I will feel like a 6-year old on Christmas if I manage to score one. Amazing what a $35 Linux bare-bones board can do to a middle-aged man!

Well done to everyone on the team. I can’t imagine how stressfull things must have been for you guys these past few weeks. You’ve earned some well deserved R&R. Jason Ozolins on February 2…


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