Window manager for iPad?

Though I'm not an iPadder, this tweak looks like a worthy app on a Jailbroken iPad. The limited use I have with my wife's iPad, always brings up one major issue I have with the tablet: window management, or lack thereof. Maybe Quasar is the app the that makes my iPad experience raise to a new level?

iPad (Jailbroken): Not being able to open a bunch of different apps in multiple windows has been a gripe for many iPad users since it first launched.

To Haiku, or not to Haiku, that is the question.

Anyone of you have experience with Haiku, or its predecessor BeOS? I'm very tempted to try this out, looks like a very straightforward installation process [], with just manual pre-partitioning and post-installation GRUB entry.

If I was smart and capable, I'd take over the now vanished Haiku ARM port attempt [], then put it on my still-in-a-box-somewhere-in-China Raspberry Pi. Wouldn't that be something.

But I am not very smart nor capable, thus I'll try this out on VirtualBox.

How a volunteer crew brought a crack operating system back

Pi Review

A very well produced review of the mighty board that could, if you could just get your hands on one. Main points I took from the review: 1) you get what you pay for: daily desktop operations will be sticky with 90 sec to load GIMP and 10+ secs to get a web browser up; this'll require patience; 2) overclocking will possible, though may not really be worth it; 3) the Pi needs something lightweight, other than Debian, to run with; thankfully the Puppy Linux team is hard at work. Arch will be going into mine, if my Pi ever actually shows up.

Raspberry Pi review. We get our hands on a Raspberry Pi to see if the $35 microcomputer can ever live up to its hype.

Learning the Mass Eff.. I mean Airbus…

Learning the Mass Eff.. I mean Airbus…

Nokia contributing to Linux more than Google… Whaat?

Nokia contributing to Linux more than Google. Hmmm…

[full report:]

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